About Us

Welcome to TST Seattle, where every story begins with a community and every project is a stepping stone towards transformation. At the heart of our blog is the unwavering commitment to harness the power of crowdfunding to bring these community projects to life. We strive to be a beacon for both aspiring and seasoned changemakers, offering a platform where ideas can flourish and make a tangible impact.

What We Do

At TST Seattle, we delve into the dynamic world of crowdfunding through a variety of engaging content. Our blog features a rich assortment of articles, from in-depth analysis of crowdfunding trends to spotlight stories on community projects making a real difference. Regular segments include “Project of the Month,” which highlights a standout community initiative, and “Tips from the Field,” offering practical advice on running successful crowdfunding campaigns. Our resources are designed not just to inform but to empower and inspire our readers to actively participate in reshaping their communities.

Our Story

The journey of TST Seattle began in a small community meeting room filled with passionate individuals eager to make a difference. Launched in 2015, our blog was born out of a desire to spotlight the transformative power of community involvement combined with effective crowdfunding strategies. Since then, we’ve celebrated numerous milestones, including our first viral campaign that raised substantial funds for local park renovations and our series on sustainable community projects, which garnered recognition from major environmental advocacy groups. Each milestone and story shared has been a testament to the collective power of our growing community.

Our Mission

Our mission is straightforward yet profound: to illuminate and support community projects through the power of crowdfunding. We believe that every small project has the potential to spark significant change, and by empowering local communities to fund and support their own initiatives, we are helping to build a more connected and resilient society. Through compelling storytelling and resource sharing, we inspire our readers to take action and contribute to the projects that resonate with them, reinforcing the idea that everyone has a stake in the future of their community.

Get Involved

Engagement is the lifeblood of TST Seattle. We invite our readers to not just read about but actively participate in the crowdfunding process. You can contribute by submitting your own community projects for feature on our blog, sharing success stories that can motivate others, or writing articles that highlight unique challenges and successes in community crowdfunding. We also encourage you to join the conversation on our social media channels and participate in our community forums where ideas and advice are freely exchanged. Your involvement not only enriches our content but also strengthens the network of community-focused activists and advocates working to make a difference.

In conclusion, TST Seattle is more than just a blog; it’s a community, a movement, and a catalyst for change. We are driven by the stories of transformation and rejuvenation within communities just like yours. Whether you are looking to start a project, fund one, or simply get inspired by the power of collective action, TST Seattle is your go-to resource. Join us as we continue to explore, support, and celebrate the projects that make our communities better, one crowdfunding campaign at a time.